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26th May 2016

UPDATE: Commander Speaks to His Troops at Work in Aranayake

Intending to give a morale boost and appreciate arduous tasks being carried out by Army troops in the landslide-hit Aranayake areas, the Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Crishanthe De Silva..


News Highlights

  • Divisions, FMAs, Brigades and Battalions Island-wide Commemorate Vesak Day

    Several sub-headquarters including Divisions, Forward Maintenance Areas ,Brigades and Battalions serving island- wide Security Force Headquarters organized different progarmmes....

    26th May 2016 00:07:29 Hours
  • UPDATE: Army Field Engineers Begin Post-Recovery Work with Other Agencies

    Sri Lanka Army troops, including 1 Field Engineer Regiment this morning (25) hand in hand with the Ministry of Land Reclamation, began to clear the Dandugan Oya outfall at Ja-Ela which remained.......

    25th May 2016 19:01:23 Hours
  • UPDATE: More Dead Bodies Recovered from Aranayake

    Army troops, engaged in search operations in landslide-hit Aranayaka areas by Monday (23) have managed to recover 24 dead bodies, including a child, six women and seventeen males, according.....

    24th May 2016 07:29:03 Hours
  • Troops Share Meritorious Programmes with Civilians across the Country for Vesak

    All Security Force Headquarters (SFHQs) across the country offered their share to the commemoration of the annual Thrice Blessed Day, Vesak by organizing Aamisa and Prathipaththi programmes......

    23rd May 2016 18:05:24 Hours
  • Second ASVU Relief Consignment Taken to Bulathkohupitiya

    One more consignment of relief supplies, organized by the Army Seva Vanitha Unit (ASVU), following initiatives taken by Mrs Nayana de Silva, President, ASVU on the directions......

    23rd May 2016 13:52:01 Hours
  • Army Troops Contribute to Vesak Decorations in Colombo & Elsewhere

    Despite inclement weather conditions and the catastrophic disaster, caused by landslides and torrential rains, Buddhists across the country marked the Vesak Full Moon Poya Day (May 21).....

    22nd May 2016 13:34:42 Hours
  • Army Troops Contribute to Vesak Decorations in Colombo & Elsewhere

    Despite inclement weather conditions and the catastrophic disaster, caused by landslides and torrential rains, Buddhists across the country marked the Vesak Full Moon Poya Day (May 21).....

    23rd May 2016 18:13:07 Hours
  • UPDATE: Commander Wants Army to be Well-Prepared for Post-Recovery Challenges

    Sri Lanka Army troops in the Colombo region after establishing more than five mobile medical units in public places where hundreds of displaced flood victims remain housed, have so far treated a total

    22nd May 2016 12:59:53 Hours
  • UPDATE : More Focus Now on Relocating & Relief Operations

    Search for any more survivors in landslide-hit Bulathkohupitya areas has now been given up, and instead more attention is focused on ongoing relief and relocating operations of the Army.....

    21st May 2016 09:32:46 Hours
  • UPDATE : Commander Takes Stock of Flood-Hit Colombo Suburbs

    Lieutenant General Crishanthe De Silva, Commander of the Army, intending to take stock of devastating flood realities at ground level and supervise ongoing Army rescue and relief operations in.....

    21st May 2016 00:54:17 Hours
  • May You All Be Well on This Noble Day

    Lieutenant General Crishanthe De Silva, Commander of the Army, all ranks and members of the civil staff on this Thrice Blessed Day (Vesak Poya Day) wish all of You a very Peaceful Vesak !

    22nd May 2016 13:25:42 Hours
  • UPDATE: Seva Vanitha Ladies Visit Funerals at Landslide-Affected Aranayake & Donate Relief Items

    Ladies of the Army Seva Vanitha Unit (ASVU), led by Mrs Nayana De Silva, President, ASVU, considering the humanitarian aspect of the flood and landslide calamity in the country.....

    20th May 2016 19:24:11 Hours
  • UPDATE: Gangaramaya Collected Relief Consignment Handed to Army for Distribution

    Venerable Galaboda Gnanissara Nayaka Thero (Podi Hamuduruwo) at Hunupitiya Gangaramaya Temple Friday (20) afternoon handed over a large consignment of dry rations, vegetables, medicines, clothes.....

    21st May 2016 01:06:50 Hours
  • UPDATE: Army Troops Also Supply Boats for Evacuation

    Rescue and relief teams of the Army by Friday (20) afternoon had been able to rescue and relocate a total of about 37,000 flood and landslide affected people across the island in the.....

    20th May 2016 17:50:38 Hours
  • UPDATE: Army Rescue & Relief Operations in Full Swing Under Commander’s Close Supervision; Elderly Inmates Evacuated & Thousands of Meal Packets Distributed

    On the direct supervision of the Commander of the Army, the Army’s Independent Supply Depot of the Supply and Transport (S & T) Directorate, responding to the requests for...............

    21st May 2016 00:35:21 Hours
  • Seva Vanitha Distributes Cooked Meals

    Sri Lanka Army Seva Vanitha Unit (ASVU), considering the plight of the flood-affected civilians in Panchikawatta Grama Seva Division (Nos 110, 132, 150 and 198) in Colombo 10, took steps on......

    19th May 2016 14:39:05 Hours
  • ‘Reconciliation Cultural Show’ Staged at Independence Square

    To coincide with the National War Heroes’ commemorative day on Wednesday (May 18), a cultural show, depicting the span of Sri Lanka’s reconciliatory moves, history, replete with spirits of......

    19th May 2016 14:33:15 Hours
  • Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka’s Portrait Unveiled at Commander’s Office

    Sri Lanka Army on Wednesday (18) had the distinguished honour of welcoming the Former Commander of the Army, Field Marshal G.S.C Fonseka RWP RSP VSV USP rcds psc who was making his first formal.......

    18th May 2016 16:38:35 Hours
  • UPDATE: Army Troops Avert Tank Bund Breach & Provide Cooked Meals to the Displaced

    10 dead bodies of civilians and 3 severed body parts of victims were recovered this afternoon (18) from landslide-affected Siripura, Elangapitiya and Pallebage areas in Aranayaka by Army troops.......

    18th May 2016 17:58:02 Hours
  • Nation Pays Tribute to War Heroes of Our Times

    The National War Heroes’ Day (Ranaviru Day) ceremony that offered deep reverence to the cherished memories of valour and gallantry of tri-service War Heroes who enabled all of us to live in.....

    18th May 2016 23:59:45 Hours

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News Features

  • Governor Learns about Progress in Resettlement

    Governor for Northern Province Hon Reginald Cooray paid a courtesy visit to the Security Force Headquarters – Wanni (SFHQ-W) with an official delegation on Monday (23).

    25th May 2016 13:05:32 Hours
  • Troops Educated on ‘Anti-Social Acts’

    Directorate of Psychological Operations in conformity with the Commander’s directions for availability of enhanced training sessions for all ranks, conducted three workshops on ‘Anti-social acts’.....

    24th May 2016 17:46:06 Hours
  • War Heroes at ‘Abimansala 3’ Awarded Gift Parcels

    A group of philanthropists and Lion Club members, led by Mr. Sisira Wijesinghe, Media Advisor to the Sri Lanka Army recently visited the Abimansala 3 wellness resort at Pangolla......

    24th May 2016 15:16:06 Hours
  • Central Troops Support Sri Paada Ceremonies

    The formal culmination of the annual Sri Paada pilgrimage season in accordance with age old traditions after the relic casket, statue of God Sumana Saman, divine ornaments and sacred offerings.....

    24th May 2016 14:44:13 Hours
  • School Garden Cleaned at Principal’s Request

    7 Sri Lanka Signal Corps (SLSC) and 2 (Volunteer) Sri Lanka Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (SLEME) troops serving the Security Force Headquarters - Central (SFHQ-C).....

    23rd May 2016 17:26:34 Hours
  • Mullaittivu Troops Educated on Anti-Social Acts

    In order to enlighten members of the Army on anti-social acts and illegal operations in society, a workshop was organized by the Security Force Headquarters - Mullaittivu (SFHQ-MLT)......

    23rd May 2016 17:16:20 Hours
  • 40 More at SFHQ-E Follow Basic Computer Course

    A group of 40 Army personnel including 2 officers followed a three-week long Basic Computer course, organized by the Security Force Headquarters - East (SFHQ-E) and sponsored by the Orient Academy....

    23rd May 2016 14:54:11 Hours
  • SFHQ-C Soldiers Learn More about Telecommunication

    21 other rankers of the Security Force Headquarters - Central (SFHQ-C) recently began a professional vocational training course, organized by the 7 Sri Lanka Signal Corps (SLSC) troops.....

    23rd May 2016 14:37:07 Hours
  • Mullaittivu Troops Donate Blood on Account of Vesak

    Troops of the Security Force Headquarters - Mullaittivu (SFHQ-MLT) organized a blood donation campaign with the participation of Hon. Reginald Cooray, Governor of Northern Province.....

    23rd May 2016 14:20:54 Hours
  • Presidential Laurels Awarded to Army Shooter

    Corporal M.P.J.S Pathirana of 6 Sri Lanka Engineers (SLE) was awarded the ‘Most Outstanding Player of the Year - Shooting’ laurel by HE the President Maithripala Sirisena during the Presidential.....

    21st May 2016 02:36:59 Hours
  • One More SFHQ-Mullaittivu Launched English Course Ends

    One more English course was organized by Security Force Headquarters Mullaittivu (SFHQ-MLT) on the directions of Major General P. U. S Vithanage, Commander, Security Forces – MLT concluded on.....

    21st May 2016 02:26:14 Hours
  • A National War Heroes Memorial Parade Held in Badulla

    One more War Hero commemoration parade was held near the War Heroes Monument in Badulla on Friday (13). A total of 69 Army personnel, including 4 officers and 65 other ranks gathered with......

    18th May 2016 20:49:38 Hours
  • 233 Bde Troops Support Community Projects

    Troops serving the 233 Brigade under the Security Force Headquarters – East (SFHQ – East) organized a Shramadana programme at the Bodhirajarama Temple in Kadawaththuduwa on the directions......

    18th May 2016 20:46:45 Hours
  • Sri Lanka Army Boxing Team Performs Well

    The National Junior Boxing Championship Tournament - 2016, organized by Sri Lanka Junior Boxing Association was held at Royal College main auditorium, Colombo during 10-14 May. A total of......

    18th May 2016 19:10:31 Hours
  • Army Organized Eye Clinic Distributes Free Spectacles

    Troops of the 66 Division serving under the Security Force Headquarters - Kilinochchi (SFHQ-KLN) on account of forthcoming Vesak organized a mobile eye clinic and a donation of spectacle to.....

    17th May 2016 15:57:59 Hours
  • SFHQ-West Staff at Panagoda on Pilgrimage

    Members of the staff including civil employees and family members of the Security Force Headquarters - West (SFHQ-West) at Panagoda went on a pilgrimage to Kataragama during 10 - 11 May as.....

    17th May 2016 15:49:33 Hours
  • Woman Soldiers Educated on ‘Baby Care’

    In order to enhance the knowledge on ‘baby care’ for woman Army soldiers, two separate programmes got underway at 3 (Volunteer) Sri Lanka Army Women’s Corps (SLAWC) Headquarters and at 5..............

    16th May 2016 18:42:12 Hours
  • 64 Div Commander Takes Over Office

    Brigadier P. I Pathirathne took over duties as the new General Officer Commanding (GOC) of the 64 Division under the Security Force Headquarters – Mullaittivu (SFHQ-MLT) Monday (09) morning.

    16th May 2016 18:25:14 Hours
  • Floral Wreeths Placed in Ratnapura & Anuradhapura War Heroes’ Monuments

    Two War Heroes’ Commemoration ceremonies were recently held in Ratnapura and Anuradhapura to coincide with the ongoing Ranaviru commemorative month.

    16th May 2016 17:57:25 Hours
  • 7 SLLI Warrant Officers’ New Mess Opened

    The newly-constructed Warrant Officers’ and Sergeants Mess’ at the 7 Sri Lanka Light Infantry (SLLI) Battalion at Kilinochchi was declared open by Major General Amal Karunasekara.....

    16th May 2016 13:30:21 Hours

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