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05th December 2017 19:50:05 Hours

Environment Friendly 157 New Recruits Get Saplings on Passing-Out

The Passing out Parade (PoP) of 157 more recruits who followed the Recruit Training Course - 36 took place on Saturday (2) at 4 Sri Lanka Signal Corps (SLSC) parade grounds, Ranasewapura, Anuradhapura.

Those new 157 recruits, belonging to 7 Regiments of the Army, including Sri Lanka Light Infantry, Gajaba Regiment, Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment, Corps of Engineering Service, Sri Lanka Army Medical Corps, Sri Lanka Army Pioneer Corps and Sri Lanka National Guard, underwent a five-month long basic training and each received 10 saplings of valuable trees as a token of memory after the parade, a novel feature suggested by the Commander and added accordingly to the formalities with the sole intention of stressing the importance of ‘tree planting’.

The project distributed 1570 saplings among 157 recruits and all of them took an oath at the same time that they would take care of those saplings until they are fully grown as a component in their military life. The oath was also read out in the presence of everyone by the day’s Chief Guest.

Brigadier Tiss Nanayakkara, General Officer Commanding, 56 Division as the Chief Guest for the PoP received the salute of the recruits. Special merit awards were also presented to specific platoons and different achievers towards the end of the ceremony.

Following are the best platoons and achievers;

Best Platoon - Gemunu Platoon

Best Platoon Commander - Lieutenant L.R.D.A Abeyrathne of 5 Gemunu Watch

Best Platoon Sergeant - Sergeant P.A.R Wijekumara of 1 Sri Lanka National Guard

Best Section Commander - Corporal D.P Sumanarathana of 1 Gemunu Regiment

Best Physical Instructor - Lance Corporal K.D.N Jayantha of 12 Sri Lanka National Guard

Best Firer - Recruit P.M Rajapakshe

Best Physical - Recruit A.G.S.I Bandara

Best All Rounder - Recruit W.M.G.B.N Weerasekara