Sri Lanka Army

Defenders of the Nation

14th November 2017 17:37:19 Hours

General Amnesty for Army Absentees Extended up to November 22

The General Amnesty period for Army personnel Absent without Leave (AWOL) has been extended by another week, until 22 November 2017 in response to numerous requests made to the Army Headquarters.

Earlier, the General Amnesty period began on 23, October were expected to end on Wednesday (15). During this period a total of 8052 Army deserters including 10 officers, 8 Officer Cadets and 8034 Other Rankers have reached respective Regimental Centers expecting legal discharge.

The decision to extend a General Amnesty period was proposed by the Commander of the Army after considering their previous services to the country while in service.

Provision of employment or harbouring any Army absentee or deserter amounts to breach of existing law in the country and is an offence punishable in Court as per section 133 of the Penal Code.

Upon expiry of the final day of the extended Amnesty (November 22), law enforcing authorities have been advised to launch island-wide operations to nab the remainder of those AWOL.

Sri Lanka Army, therefore appeals to all religious leaders, Grama Niladharis and relatives to educate and encourage the absentees if known to make use of this opportunity and receive the discharge.

All those remaining absentees are advised to make use of this special amnesty, now in effect and receive their legal discharge before November 22.

The general amnesty on the directions of the President and the Ministry of Defence was declared on October 23, 2017 and respective Regimental Centres under the supervision of the Commander of the Army Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake began receiving those absentees.